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Kill them all

God will know his own

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Citoyenne Guillotine

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," said Anne reproachfully. "People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." - Anne of Green Gables.

Medusa is a Middle Class Housewife, History Geek, Make Up Collector, Versailles Pron writer, Victorian Prostitute Re-enactor, Art History Graduate and Pimms Addict living in Deepest Darkest Somerset with her husband The Atheist, their two charming sons and two guinea pigs.

This journal used to be moderately interesting in a ranty ranty, melodramatic internets sort of way but that was a long time ago now and nothing really interesting happens any more (I am just too busy and happy for that sort of thing!) so if you are a Lover Of Angst then I would cordially suggest that you look elsewhere. I have versailles_porn which is a repository for my dreadful literary efforts.

Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely accidental.

I don't look like my icons.

I have now left Live Journal and all posts bar the very last one have been made private. You can now find me at my Wordpress blog.

Je méprise la poussière qui me compose et qui vous parle; on pourra la persécuter et faire mourir cette poussière. Mais je défie que l’on m’arrache cette vie indépendante que je me suis donnée dans les siècles et dans les cieux.

1789, anne boleyn, anointing of the sick, anti catholic devices, antoine de saint-just, apathy, architecture, art history, baby atheist, beheading, being a victorian prostitute, being bored by bands, big boots, blasphemy, bleeding heart liberals, books with happy endings, breastfeeding, cathars, catholic sex, corsets, costume dramas, crap shags, cup cakes, cute revolutionaries, cynicism, dave, desultory blow jobs, domestic goddess, dyspraxia, eighteenth century, etiquette, excommunication, expensive make up, expiation, felix, france, french revolution, fuck you, georgette heyer, gin, glitter, god loves me, guillotines, having red hair, having-a-baby-like-stewie, heavy red, heresy, historian porn, history, history geeking, immaculate conception, infallibility, irony, jack the ripper, jesus loves me, kitsch catholicism, lapsed catholicism, lichtenstein, lip gloss, looking surly, losing things, lucile desmoulins, mac cosmetics, machiavelli, make up, malingering, marie antoinette, martyrdom, mesh, moral decline of society, moral outrage, my baby, my husband, my sons, my-name-is-melanie-not-mel, never again, new order, nietzsche, not being shy, not bristol, not current affairs, not drinking, not going to mass, not goth, not linux, not the sealed knot, not work, not-being-called-mel, not-having-a-scottish-accent, not-looking-like-my-icons, nuns, oscar, parcels, paris, penance, photoshop, pimms, pink kitchen apparatus, plates-with-shoes-on, playing on repeat, political correctness gone mad, praying for your soul, pub quizzes, purgatory, ranting, reading-in-the-bath, red hair, red lipstick, regency romances, repenting for my sins, sarcasm, schadenfreude, scruffy men, sculpture, seeing the light, sephora, sharks, sherlock holmes, shiny mac goodness, shopping, shut the fuck up, songs on repeat, spaced, spaff, squeaky things, squeeeeeeeeeeeeee, staying-up-past-my-bedtime, stigmata, tamara de lempicka, that-nice-charles-kennedy, the atheist, think of the children, tiaras, trivial pursuit, tudor history, ugly fish, vegetarianism, versailles, versailles pron, victorian prostitutes, victoriana, violets, vitriol, warfare, what the fuck, what would jesus do?, where-is-my-parcel, whitechapel

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