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Voice Post: Ootby LIVE:

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“[Melanie]I am currently in Sheffield. Some of the most sophisticated, classy women on Livejournal are currently doing Karaoke in the sitting room. It's very scary, but... but they're not singing at the moment, they're just looking quite frightened. Moz, it's my Livejournal... say hello to my Livejournal!

[Moz]Hello Livejournal! Are you missing us? It's wonderful here, honestly, you really should, darling you really should be here. Why weren't you invited?! [Background hilarity]

[Melanie]Hester! It's my Livejournal!

[Hester]Hello Livejournal! [background hilarity] Stop that, naughty. It's my turn! Everyone wants to speak to you Livejournal because we all love you so very, very, very much. Um. So now I'm going to pass you to.... Sara? [inaudible]

[Sarah?]I'm sure this entry will get more comments just because I've spoken on it, so now I'm going to pass you to [inaudible] [unknown person] Throw that!

[Hester] Fucking cunt!

[Laughter/background hilarity/inaudible]

[Hester]Joza, Joza, speak to Livejournal.

[Joza]Hello Livejournal! Ootby's fabulous and I want to marry... [?]

[Melanie]We were fabulous and it was a bloody good laugh!

[?]And you weren't there!

[Inaudible]Turn it off you(?) fuckers!

[Melanie]Anyway, yes. I'm the most sober person in the world.

[Hester]Can you ask them where my bucket is?

[Melanie]Yes, and Hester wants to know where her bucket is. And I'm really traumatised, but it's okay because the locals haven't worked out I'm a southerner yet and I haven't been lynched by yokels [unknown] No you're from Scotland...

[Melanie]yeah but, you know, the voice, yeah but... you know. Anyway. And I'm not even sure how to turn this off so I'm just going to carry talking, and I'm in Joza's kitchen and there's wet on the floor! And we still haven't got a bucket, but Alison put her HAND in it right up to the ELBOW and it was really seedy. On the Bus! Yes, but it was a clean bucket, not a dirty bucket. But it's Sheffield so you know, no-one cares about that sort of thingbecause they're a bit weird about that. But I've got to go now, But I'm going to say goodbye now.... no I want to say goodbye. [inaudible] yeah anyway, whatever. Goodbye!”

Transcribed by: princesssulky

Voice Post:

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“Hello I'm in the North, actually I'm in Birmingham. I'm here for an hour in the coach station. Could someone come & help me please. Actually no, I don't need help. I'm just stopping here, you know, lurking with my Gerogette Heyer & iPod & stuff pretending not to be here. I've never been to Birmingham, it's a bit grey, isn't it and there's lot of wheely bins and it's cold. Anyway, I'm whispering in case anything comes & tapes me from from big brother & there's a revenge attack. Bye.”

Transcribed by: dr_atheist
not too minging

fear and loathing in live journal land

alienfox and painispretty think it is a good idea and I have absolute faith in their judgement.

I have self appointed myself the Queen of Bad and Wrong so IP logging is off again and anonymous posting is allowed.

Your objective is to slag off anything you want. Anything at all. So long as it isn't alienfox because that might make him cry and we can't have that!
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This is bekki posting on mels journal.
i'm not quite sure how to say this.

i'm posting by WAP from the Brompton hospital.
Mel's dead. They just turned her machine off. Her last dying asp as she fell back to the pillow, eyelids flutterin with the effort of her final words, was to tell me her LJ password.

"let them know, bekki" she said.


It breaks my heart to have to tell you this. But mel is dead. She was caught in the crossfire between rival nu metal factions in Belsize Park, and although i tried, i was unable to save her.

Her funeral will be on Tuesday.

I loved her somuch, she is the only woman i have ever loved.

She has touched the hearts of thousands.

Goodbye, Melanie.
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